I am a scorcerer of shadow and light. I am a photographer. I am a skilled artist. I am a creative force. My camera offers a glimpse through my eyes, sharing with you, my view of the world that surrounds me. My Name is David Schibel.

With more than 20 years behind the lens, I have found a passion for Live Music, Portrait and Fetish Photography. Since boyhood, I have had a fascination for music, people and bizzarre things people do in this world.

I have worked as the staff photographer and been featured in Arizona Golf Central Magazine; My work has apeared on the cover, centerfold and in featured articles in Pain Magazine, and many other periodicals. My work has been used for album covers, show posters, advertising, websites and on tee-shirts. In addition to being featured in magazines, my photographs have been displayed in art galleries and art shows. Clients and people I have had the great pleasure to photograph and work with, include; Alice Cooper, Wayne Newton, Pete Cummings, Steve Haworth, Roger Mayweather, Jeff Ritter, Mark McMillan, KTAR radio, Iron Boy Boxing, PGA, LPGA, S.A.R.R.C., and many many more.

I enjoy working closely with my subjects, capturing the beauty of the golf course or the skill of a swing. Putting the power of live music into still photography. Capturing not only the individual personalities of the athletes and troubadours, but bringing the image to life, you can almost smell the grass and hear the notes coming from the photograph.

My Freedom, my Love, and my Life bring fresh inspiration on a daily basis. I have to give credit to my my three amazing children, for without their input, opinions and just as skewed view of the world around us; I may have missed a few of my favorite shots.

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