Fitness Portraits

Have you been working hard, building your body to a point of perfection. Are you proud of what you've accomplished? Are you a coach or trainer and want to reward your student or fighter? Have you thought about what it would be like photographed? Want something a little better than what your phone or point and shoot camera delivers?

Why not hire a professional photographer to capture the perfect image of what you have worked so hard to sculpt?

We can deliver high quality, action and posed photographs of your hrd work. using light and shadows to accent the muscles and definition you've sweated for.

Now you may think, "My mother can take photos of me!" Perhaps, but I guarantee these images will not have the professional look that comes from an experienced pro. Does your mother have a complete understanding of the light and how to properly capture it to accent and enhance your physique? Your images should be clean, color correct and posed properly. When you show off your photographs, your friends and family should feel exhausted just thinking about how much work you out in to look that good.

Here is an opportunity for you to catpure the moments of athletic perfection to remember for years to come. Your photographs will stand above the rest when it comes to capturing your moment of perfection, to keep for your lasting memories.

Photoshoot 101 2016 Fitness Portrait Price List (.pdf download)
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