Photoshoot 101 (part 2):

The Management: While it is rarely and issue, it is the performer's responsibility to make sure the venue will allow photography. The band must also let the manager or owner know that a photographer is coming and put the photographer on the guest list or cover photographers entry fee into venue.

Your Expectations: I will arrive at the venue early for your set. I will meet with you shortly to discuss any particulars prior to show. I will move throughout the crowd and venue photographing your show. Please feel free to look at the camera, give me your best rock face as you groove for the camera. Live Music photography is a difficult task for even the most experienced band photographer. Be sure to let your photographer know of any stage lighting or lack there of. If the venue does not have sufficient light at the time of the show, rendering photography impossible or improbable, Photography can go on as scheduled, but there will be NO GUARANTEE of usable photographs. If the performers choose to have reschedule at another venue on a different date, a $25 rescheduling fee will be charged.

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