Photoshoot 101:

If you have never used a professional sports photographer, here are some factors you should be aware of and consider:

The Photographer: Make sure your photographer knows how to shoot sports. Beware of photographers with lots of expensive equipment, but no real experience in photographing live action sports. Check out their advertising and website and see if they say anything about sports photography; or are they really a wedding or portrait photographer. Ask them what sporting events they've photographed or what type of venues they've worked in. Most importantly, ask what they've done in relation to your sproting event.

The Venue: If you want live performance shots, you (or your photographer) will need to be as close to the field of play as possible. On the field is not always possible, but for the best action shots the closer the better. Even though your photographer should have a strong telephoto lens to get close to the action, visual barriers and lighting becomes an issue that would detract from the quality of the photograph. if the coach is very strict about getting playes on and off the field and you want photos of your child pre and post game, please arrange with the coach previous to game day.

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